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Buying a house is difficult. Buying a house in a foreign country multiples the difficulty tenfold. International House Hunters follows adventurous couples who pack up their tape measure and passports and head off to start a new life in a new culture. Faced with three potential homes to choose from, how will the competing desires of location, convenience and good old-fashioned differences of opinion resolve themselves? From learning complex local regulations to finding suitable schools, the stresses come thick and fast, throw in the language barrier and things get even more tricky. So tune into International House Hunters and discover that, whether it's in New Zealand, South Africa or Singapore, the size of the second bedroom is a universal cause of anxiety.


No. of Episodes: 13


1  Artist Moves to Medieval Italy

Claire, a quirky painter from Scotland is looking to simplify her difficult life and grow as an artist. Seeking artistic inspiration, she finds solace in the eccentric medieval town of Guardia Sanframondi, Italy. But will her tiny budget and huge dreams of success be enough to make her dreams come true in this sparsely populated village? Find out as House Hunters International shakes up the remote village of Guardia Sanframondi, Italy.
Duration: 30'


2  Crossing the Pond to the UK

Trendy Williamsburg couple Luke and Darla met in college where Luke recorded Darla's album for his senior thesis. They've been making beautiful music together for the past five years, but now Luke's company is sending him across the pond to open a new office, in London, England. Darla's worried that finding a new apartment, a new job and planning NY wedding will overwhelm her. Can this couple balance space and location desires with budget realities? Find out when House Hunters International kicks off a new career in London, England.
Duration: 30'


3  Lima's Many Faces, Peru

Florida residents Giovanni and Steven are co-owners of a company and hope to open a new business branch down in Lima, Peru. But agreement on what city to move to is where the harmony ends. As a native Peruvian Giovanni would rather have a home-based office in one of Lima's leafier suburbs. As a newcomer, Steven is also here to live it up and wants their business located near all the hip restaurants and sun-soaked beaches. Although it is hard to blame Steven for wanting to live next to the ocean, professional real estate agent Alexander Brown will try to broker a peace agreement for this location war.
Duration: 30'


4  High Stakes on the Isle of Man, UK

Chris started a successful band in his early 20's. When he met Rachel in 2005, he was touring almost 300 days a year. In addition to being in a band, Chris also has a passion for poker. Being a successful online poker player and having worked in the music industry lead to a job offer from the largest online poker site in the world. The only issue is that their headquarters are based on the remote Isle of Man. The Jonat family wants a change in pace but will they be able to find their ace on a small island? Find out as House Hunters International shuffles into beautiful Isle of Man.
Duration: 30'


5  Reuniting in Barcelona, Spain

After falling in love in her native Texas, Cassie is following her heart to live with her long distance boyfriend, Guillem, in Barcelona Spain. But the city's old world style presents a few challenges for this modern gal's Texas sized wants. Real estate agent Benny Mouckley tries to tick all the boxes on the wish list while keeping in budget, but will Cassie have to compromise on her ideals or pay the price to have everything she wants? Find out when House Hunters International focuses in on Barcelona, Spain.
Duration: 30'


6  Downsizing in Peru

After the monotony of suburban life, Matt and Nicole knew that there was something more they could be doing with their lives. When they discovered that there was a need in Lima, Peru to help orphaned children, they decided to pack up their own three kids and head to South America and volunteer. Now they need to navigate a new country to find a home that not only fits five, but that also doesn't bust their budget. Can they live without the comforts of home and downsize their entire lives? Find out when House Hunters International visits Lima, Peru.
Duration: 30'


7  Welcome Home in Wellington, NZ

Jo met Dan at the pub across the street from her home in small town England where she was born and raised. Now Dan is transporting Jo across the world to resettle in his native New Zealand. The two agree on living an outdoor lifestyle, but indoors they are at odds. Dan wants her to feel at home, but won't sacrifice his ideal location just outside of town. This active couple will have to strike a balance when House Hunters International travels to Wellington, New Zealand.
Duration: 30'


8  Family Reunion in Penang, Malaysia

Californians Bee and Kien are buying a second home in Penang in order to raise their son Gareth with a connection to his Malaysian roots. Bee wants the newest generation of the family to grow up around all his cousins, aunts and uncles while at the same time be close to the family they miss as well. They unfortunately are coming up against a real estate market that is as fast paced as the lifestyle of this rapidly expanding, diverse urban landscape. Even with their $400,000 budget, it still may not be enough to create the perfect blend of city center living at an affordable price. Find out when House Hunters International reunites with the Pearl of the Orient, Penang, Malaysia.
Duration: 30'


9  Reunited in London, UK

Crystal and Tony met while she was completing a master's degree in London. After two years, her student visa expired and she was forced to leave and head back to Seattle. They stayed together while living seven thousand miles apart, and now they're picking up where they left off two years ago...this time as a married couple. Tony is a DJ and prefers to live in London's trendy East End, but Crystal is looking for a character property and she's been charmed by the West London neighborhood of Earl's Court. It'll be a battle of East End boys and West End girls, when House Hunters International nips across the pond to London, England.
Duration: 30'


10  Downsizing in Singapore

An expat family based in Singapore wants to move from their large, single-family house to a condo. But just before their house hunt is to begin, the husband is called away on an eight month business trip. Suddenly the mother is on her own. In an unusual turnabout, her wish list conflicts with what her family of four actually needs. Mom's hunt demands some challenging decisions as House Hunters International downsizes in Singapore.
Duration: 30'


11  Marked for Maastricht, Netherlands

Unable to endure the long distance from his girlfriend any longer, Attorney Mark Kawakami is leaving behind his job in New York City to start a new life with her in the Netherlands. After trading in a cushy bachelor's life for a lower income as a junior researcher, finding an apartment with a small budget will be a challenge for real estate agent Erik Bessems. And with affordable rentals few and scattered, how much will they be able to compromise on their first apartment together? Watch as House Hunters International digs into Maastricht, Netherlands.
Duration: 30'


12  Good-Bye City Life, South Africa

Daryn and Paige are ready for the next step. Although they are ready to settle down together, they disagree on some key home-ownership details. The South African harbor town of Durban has a great urban vibe. As a girl who likes living in cities, this is good news for Paige. Daryn, the dreamer, has a different setting in mind: he wants to buy a house in the country with as much land as they can afford. So with the assistance of real estate agent Nikki Relph, can Daryn convince Paige on the joys of bucolic homesteading? Find out when these two young hopefuls pursue the good life in Durban, South Africa.
Duration: 30'


13  Historic VS Modern in Witney, UK

With a dozen siblings between them, Joel and Amanda Mishork have always been family oriented. But a job transfer to Witney, England, means that this young couple will be starting their own family tree an ocean away. With just days until Joel's new job begins, he and Amanda are desperately seeking an affordable and centrally located home with enough space to accommodate their new baby and the hoard of guests they're expecting to visit. As Joel pushes for a historic English cottage and Amanda angles for a modern abode, time is running low. Watch what happens when House Hunters International crosses the pond to Witney, England.
Duration: 30'


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